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Safe, efficient, and effective.

Learn how to train for strength with a safe and effective program in a welcoming space, open to people of all ages, genders and abilities. Gain more muscle mass and an improvement in general health with a coach who focuses on you and your goals.

As a certified Starting Strength Coach, I use one of the safest, most efficient programs available to help anyone on their strength journey. As Richmond's first Starting Strength Coach, and one of only about 125 coaches in the country, I pride myself on serving everyone and anyone who wants to get stronger than they are today. Most of my clients are completely new to strength training, never having touched a barbell before. Others have spent years working out in big gym chains and have yet to see the results they want. Regardless of where you are, we begin with a strict focus on form and progress forward in a manner to help you reach your goals in the most effective way possible. 

A basic program is only 3 days a week for 1 hour at a time. You're busy. Life is short. There's no reason to spend all day, everyday in the gym and I will show you how just a little investment in your physical future will pay off greatly in the long term. If you've been told you should start strength training, if you're ready to try something new and if you want to get stronger, come on in. Let's get started.

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Strength Training is for everyone and it's easy to get started on your journey to a stronger self. If you need help choosing, just contact me!


For first time clients, we'll start with 1-2 private 1-hour sessions to learn the lifts and get an understanding of how the program can work for you. After completing these entry sessions, you are eligible to join one of our groups, proceed with private coaching or continue on your own!

$90/hour ($140 for 2 people)


Continue with 1-on-1 attention to get the best results possible and answers to all your questions with personal coaching

$90/hour ($70 for 2 people)
4 pack – $75/hour ($60 for 2 people)
8 pack – $70/hour ($55 for 2 people)


Cover all 4 lifts (squat, deadlift, bench press, and overhead press) in depth. Includes introduction to mechanical theory of the barbell movements, anatomical explanation of the movements, and coaching each movement up to a working set. Introductory programming and nutrition discussion available upon request. This is best for those coming from out of town to learn the lifts or someone looking for a one-time form check.

120 minutes -- $190 ($275 for 2 people)


In order to join one of the groups below, you must start with at least one private session. If you want more information about the process, feel free to contact me!


Two group sessions per week with a coach. Individual programming & 24/7 gym access is included. Classes are limited to 4 people.

MON/WED: 5:30p, 6:45p
TUES/THURS: 5:30a, 6:45a, 1:00p

Good for: Enjoying the accountability and camaraderie of working in a group. Work with a coach each week at a great price!


Join other new parents AND their babies as you learn how to use barbells so you can keep picking up your kids until they finally leave the house! Group limited to 3 participants and best for babies who can sit in strollers or pack & play.

WED/FRI: 10am

Good for: New parents with small children who would like to learn how to get stronger so they can keep up!


Starting Strength Coach
UCanRow2 Master Rowing Instructor
More female strength podcast host

I’m a licensed Architect, a Starting Strength Coach and a Master Rowing Instructor. I love super dorky things and probably say the word “awesome” too much. But my goal is to live a happy and fun life, all the while helping others to do the same – whether it’s through the built environment or your own built body.

I started my athletic career as a gymnast at age 2 and retired from that sport at age 15. I went on to compete in track & field in high school and then switched to collegiate rowing at Georgia Tech. After graduating, I began both my coaching and my architectural career simultaneously. This led to a few years of personal inactivity and I eventually ended up deep into bootcamps, group fitness and then later, CrossFit.

After a disappointing neck injury, I found a Starting Strength Coach and she introduced me to the world of strength training. It soon became apparent that this was what I needed to be doing and also that I must share it with the world.

I believe that finding the balance between architecture, strength and rowing allows me to grow in many different dimensions at once. And I have discovered an abundance of overlaps between the spaces we build and the bodies that occupy them. I believe in the power of design and the endless benefits of well-thought out spaces. I also believe that strength training leads to healthier and happier people. Together, these lead to a more awesome life.

When I’m not coaching other people, I am competing as a USAPL Raw Powerlifter and a Virginia Boat Club masters rower. My best lifts are: 285 lb squat, 165 lb bench, 120 lb press and 358 lb deadlift. I also co-host a podcast called More Female Strength, give it a listen!


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