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Laura Mae Lucas (she/her)
Laura Mae.jpeg

My name is Laura Mae (she/her). I am a Strength and Nutrition Coach. I have been in recovery from addiction for 7 years. I have found strength and empowerment through powerlifting. I have competed on both the national and world level. Now, I’m dabbling with strongman and leaning how to pole dance. 

I'm passionate about teaching others how to feel strong in their bodies and create a healthy relationship with food and nutrition. 


This organization started as a monthly meet-up group for humans to learn how to lift in a safe, inclusive environment. I’m just amazed with how this group has evolved into what it is today. Our mission and purpose is to bring the strength community of Richmond together, create a supportive and fun environment and to give back to our community. This could not be possible without all of the hard working directors, members and volunteers. 


My vision for this group is continue expanding organically. We are committed to creating a welcoming and safe space for all bodies to be in full expression of themselves. We will provide a space that promotes mental and physical growth. We will continue to listen to the needs of our community and hold space for feedback. 

Britt (they/them)

Britt is a non-binary personal trainer, IPL Worlds qualifying powerlifter & owner of Resistance + Co. Strength Collective. They are the Social Media Director for us here at Richmond Strong as well as for Body Arc RVA!


Britt firmly believes that strength training belongs to everyone and is enthusiastic about holding space for any and every body to find physical and emotional empowerment through strength. Britt uses their platforms to advocate for opening the conversation and releasing stigmas around mental health, sexual liberation + pleasure and the queer experience.


In their free time you can find them training as a competitive powerlifter + olympic weightlifting athlete at The Weight Room, exploring new music, checking boxes off of the gay agenda, bonding with their large family of cats in Museum District or geeking out over the contents of the sky.


Instagram: @briiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitt (20i’s)
+ @resistanceandcompany

Elliot Capella (he/him)

"My name is Elliot. I’m a transgender man, who started Powerlifting in 2018 as a way to treat my gender dysphoria and body dysmorphia. I believe in exercise and nutrition as medicine, and I dream of a world where these are accessible to everyone regardless of gender/sexual orientation, race, income, etc. 


When I’m not training for my next Powerlifting meet, you can find me building applications in the Cloud, walking my dog in Church Hill, or hanging out by the river with my partner."

Brandi Walker (she/her)

Brandi is an artist, certified personal trainer and advocate of the queer experience. She has her BFA in Sculpture from VCU and runs Body Arc and Crescent Collective. Body Arc is an art-driven, queer fitness space dedicated to providing an inclusive and welcoming environment for physical and mental wellness for all bodies. Crescent Collective is a vibrant, queer event space intended to benefit and bring joy to the local queer, bipoc & underserved communities.

Outside of training and business affairs, you can catch Brandi sewing costumes, crafting props for Richmond Strong, covering walls with fur and neon lights, and often seen with paint staining her hands.


Gabby Brost (she/her)

Gabby is a seasoned coach and a multi-sport athlete competing in powerlifting, strongman and Olympic weightlifting. She firmly believes that fitness is for everybody and every body. She is the head coach and founder of GAB Strength, a coaching company dedicated to helping others become their strongest selves through inclusive coaching for clients and education for fitness professionals. She also is passionate about bettering the fitness industry through activism, education, and inclusivity. When she’s not training or coaching, she’s probably drinking coffee and buying more plants.

Instagram @gabstrength

Sean Gamache (he/him)

My name is Sean Gamache. I’m a USAPL State Referee, and student at Christopher Newport University, studying Kinesiology. I fell in love with Powerlifting in 2018 and it has been the greatest source of discipline and direction in my life since. My goal is to learn as much as I can in order to grow myself mentally and physically, and also to educate others as effectively as possible.

In addition to all things strength training, I spend as much of my free time camping and exploring the natural beauty our world has to offer!


Autumn Breeze Somers (she/her)

Breeze is the owner of A Balanced Canine, she is a dog trainer, behavioral consultant, canine fitness trainer, as well as a Canine & Feline nutritional counselor. Her passion for canine fitness & nutrition also extends to human counterparts, as she has witnessed the benefits of movement for physical AND mental health as well as the healing power of nutrition!

Breeze loves the empowering nature of strength training and watching people realize and harness  that within themselves. She recently moved to RVA and has fallen in love with the inclusive and inviting nature of strength training here. She is a bit of a workaholic and on a regular day you can find her reading a book (likely dog related) or enjoying an agility session with a canine friend.

Instagram: a.balanced.canine

Delia (she/her)

Delia is the manager of Red Salon Organics, an LGBTQ+ inclusive and woman-owned hair salon in Richmond’s Fan neighborhood. She is passionate about inclusivity in the beauty industry and the world of fitness. In her free time, you can find her at home with her two cats or enjoying Richmond’s vibrant music scene. 


For Delia, strength training is about physical and mental empowerment. Her strength journey began in early 2021, and she loves to encourage fellow beginners. She believes in finding creative solutions to make strength and movement more accessible, regardless of gender, race, income, or ability levels. Fitness is for everybody! 


Instagram: @sunnydrerealestate / @redsalonorganics

Eric_RVA strong.jpg
Eric Price (he/him)

Eric currently works as the Content Strategist in the construction industry. He started powerlifting in 2018 as a way to combat his anxiety and depression and quickly fell in love with the sport. 

In addition to powerlifting, Eric loves gardening, skateboarding, photography, and making videos. He has an MBA with a Digital Marketing focus and a BM with an emphasis on music industry and a piano concentration.

Instagram: @ericprice885

Tiktok: @npc_life

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