Brittany Nicole

"My name is Brittany (she/her) I’m pansexual, a full time athlete, personal trainer & small business owner. I run my personal training business “Resistance + Co.” out of Tequila & Deadlifts in Carytown 5 days a week. In my free time you can find me training as a competitive powerlifter at The Weight Room, bonding with my partner & our 4 cats or relaxing in the lawn at the VMFA. 


I love that “strong” is a fluid term and looks different for every individual. I am passionate about meeting people exactly where they are to unlock their full strength and potential through intentional movement & sport style training. My goal is to welcome any and all walks of life with open arms into the empowering community of strength in RVA."

Jessica Ogunnorin

"My name is Jessica Ogunnorin. I’m Greek-Nigerian, bisexual, a retired professional basketball athlete, and a movement enthusiast. I am passionate about bringing out the best version of every individual that crosses my path and advocating for mental health in sports. 


I believe that everyone deserves to be seen, valued, appreciated, and recognized despite their unique characteristics. I’m the Creator and Instructor of the UnstoppABLE Mindset Total Body and Mindset Transformation Programs! I’m also the the CEO & Founder of LEV8 Apparel, a motivational movement and clothing line. Through my clothing brand m, I inspire, motivate, and guide individuals to JUST ELEVATE and overcome the challenges of life! 



Outside of Fitness, Sports, and my Business, I blog, travel, write poems, rap, fix computers, and cook! I would call myself a multi-dimensional creator!"

Laura Mae Lucas Founder/Director

"My name is Laura Mae. I am a Strength and Nutrition Coach at Colonial Fit RVA. I am also a USPA Powerlifter and an artist. I’m passionate about teaching beginners how to lift as well as healthy sustainable habits. My goal is create a safe, welcoming and inclusive space for everyone to find empowerment through strength."

Elliot Capella

"My name is Elliot (he/him). I’m a transgender man, who started Powerlifting in 2018 as a way to treat my gender dysphoria and body dysmorphia. I believe in exercise and nutrition as medicine, and I dream of a world where these are accessible to everyone regardless of gender/sexual orientation, race, income, etc. 


When I’m not training for my next Powerlifting meet, you can find me building applications in the Cloud, walking my dog in Church Hill, or hanging out by the river with my partner."

Cassi Niemann

"My name is Cassi Niemann and I’m a Barbell Strength Coach and Master Rowing Instructor with @UCanRow2. I aim to help people of all backgrounds appreciate their strong, useful bodies through both strength and conditioning. I firmly believe that the most successful communities are built within inclusive and welcoming environments. And it is there that we can be vulnerable to try new things, learn more about ourselves and expand our understanding of others. When I’m not training others, I’m either lifting heavy, rowing on the water, or working with my toughest client yet, my toddler!"

Rachel Mckiver

"My name is Rachel Mckiver. I'm a full time  cardiac ICU nurse and competitive strength athlete.  I compete in Powerlifting/ Strongman but enjoy many styles of lifting. I believe in mind body connection and fueling your soul with positivity. I feel living a healthy lifestyle can help you thrive in other aspects in your life. I stand by the fact that everyone deserves to be appreciated and respected within the strength community. It is not about what you are doing but how you are doing it. Everything should be done with a goal in mind and an open heart. I enjoy being challenged and find it rewarding to help others.  When I'm not in the gym you can find me, hanging out with my son, playing with my cat, or working on my personal growth."

Leo Connors 

My name is Leo Connors (they/them). 

I am a queer nonbinary human who found weightlifting as a teenager and I continue to utilize movement to reconnect with my body after a lifetime of combatting body dysmorphia and gender dysphoria. 

Disassociation from experiencing trauma in any facet can cause disconnect from the physical, and through coaching and personal training, I encourage people to utilize movement as one of many tools to reestablish connection with their body and mind.

When I am not coaching, l am working on art, spending time with my partner, engaging with the community, and getting outside to hike or skateboard as much as possible!