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A Retro Rave Themed Powerlifting Meet

A retro rave themed powerlifting meet, open to all - brought to you by Richmond Strong and Body Arc. Disco rave costumes are encouraged!

This will be a full meet (squat, bench, deadlift) where all athletes are welcome to participate. This is a great event for those new to the sport, plus a chance for the more experienced lifter to participate in an event that supports ALL athletes' right to sport.

All proceeds will benefit Body Arc - a fitness and wellness space dedicated to inclusivity and redefining the fitness experience.

This is a space for those who believe in building strength, health, and well-being independent of corporate definitions of beauty and health. We do this for the clients and their allies who do not feel supported by traditional fitness spaces.

Body Arc brings an understanding that to truly be inclusive requires more than simply not participating in exclusion, but requires consciously defining a vision of strength, health, and wellness that is inclusive of ALL people.

You may purchase an event t-shirt upon registration for $25

Awards will go out to the top three competitors in each gender division including womens, mens and non-binary (open to all genders), based on DOTS score.


Friday 4/29 , 5:30pm-7:30pm

Body Arc Gym (same as event location)

We will collect weight (in kilos), opening attempts (in kilos), rack heights and the gender division you’d like to compete in


Flight order will be announced after weigh-ins

Event Day:

7:30 AM: Doors open

8:30 AM: Rules announcement

9 AM: Meet begins


Spectator Pass: $15

Coach Pass: $10

Register for this event here!