Richmond Strong + EIGHT
Strong Folx Event

Richmond Strong + EIGHT's fall strong folx event filled with multiple events including clean and press, truck pull, and fun with sandbags!


About this event


You must compete in one division across all events. Example: if you register as advanced division, you will do “advanced” weights for all events.

Equipment allowed across all events: belts, knee sleeves, elbow sleeves, wrist wraps, chalk.

Events will be scored on a points system with the event winner receiving the maximum number of points. Example: if a division has 6 athletes, the winner would receive 6 points, second place receives 5 points, third place gets 4 points, etc.

Wait for commands on all events.



Please choose which division you would like to compete in!

Beginner - new to strength training, new to the sport of strongman, weights for this division are accessible

Intermediate - some strength training experience, some sport of strongman experience, weights for this division are accessible

Advanced - extensive strength training experience, sport of strongman experience, weights for this division are accessible

Top 3 in each division will receive awards.





AXLE CLEAN & PRESS: Clean once and press away, max reps in 60 seconds, must wait for down command on each rep.

Clean can be any style clean (power clean, full clean, continental clean). Press can be any press - strict, push press, power jerk, split jerk. Feet must come together and the bar must be locked out overhead to receive down command.

Grip shirts allowed. No resting bar on belt for continental cleans. Belt buckle to the back.






TRAP BAR DEADLIFT: Max weight in 3 attempts (you can jump in at any time, once you miss, you’re done). 10# jumps for beginners/intermediate., 20# jumps for advanced. You will receive a down command.

Chalk allowed. No straps. No suits. Bar height TBD.


BEGINNER: bar starts at 185

INTERMEDIATE: bar starts at 250

ADVANCED: bar starts at 300



TRUCK PULL: Harnessed truck pull with lead rope (truck behind you), 60 feet, max time 60 seconds *outdoors*. Distance measured if event not completed.


Implement TBD




CARRY MEDLEY: Farmers walk for 40 feet, sprint back, sandbag carry for 40 feet, max time 60 seconds (weight listed for farmers is per hand) *outdoors*.

No straps. No tacky/tacky towels.

Distance measured if event not completed. Unlimited drops.


BEGINNER: 120/132


ADVANCED: 180/220




SANDBAG LOAD OVER BAR: Bar height TBD, max reps in 60 seconds. No tacky/tacky towels.





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