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Event Rules and Equipment Guidelines

No singlet required, although you may wear one if you’d like. If you're not wearing a singlet please wear something as tight fitting as possible. We need to be able to see the crease of your hip on squats.


No knee wraps or wrist straps allowed. Knee sleeves, elbow sleeves and wrist wraps are allowed. Belts must be leather or synthetic leather. No fabric Velcro belts allowed.


We will be using kilos for both the weigh-in and the meet. Please have your attempts ready and converted to kilos.The bar must move upward on each attempt. If we see the bar move downward at any point it's considered a missed lift.

Squats: Must be walked out with control and knees visibility locked before the attempt. Hip joint/crease must break the top surface of the knee joint. You must stand erect with knees locked before returning the bar to the rack.


Bench Press: Must unrack and have control of the weight with elbows locked at the top before starting the lift. The bar must be visibly paused on the chest before pressing the weight. At the top of the lift must demonstrate control with locked elbows before racking the weight.


Deadlift: Must stand erect with shoulders back, hip and knees locked. Must demonstrate control at the top and control bringing the bar back down- no dropping the bar! No hitching!!!


Squat: Squat, Rack

Once you walk the squat out and you are still, you will receive the “squat” command. Once you come back up and you are still, you will receive the “rack” command.


Bench: Start, Press, Rack

Once the bar is over the chest and is still, you will receive the “start” command. Once the bar touches the chest and is still, you will receive the “press” command. Once your arms are fully extended and the bar is still over the chest you will receive the “rack” command.


Deadlift: Down

You do not get a “start” command for this. Once the bar is all the way up, hips, knees and chest are in full lockout position, you will receive the “down” command.